How to get your services to those that need it now?

  • 1
    Create services:
    You can create 1 or 100s of services.
  • 2
    Service details:
    Tell a story about your services.
  • 3
    Service schedule:
    Create and show your service calendar.
  • 4
    Connect with Clients:
    Select your best communication channel.
  • 5
    Publish your service
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Why Clients will Select your Service?

Instant Connect on Arrival

Newcomers can contact you immediately through our instant texting and call system: We link your pre-arrival and post arrival services directly to your website, no coding needed.

Pre-Arrival ready to go

Our remote features allow business to connect with pre-arrivals service requests globally.

Direct Communication

Clients can contact you by phone, instant texting or email.

Automatic appointment scheduling

Client can see your Calendar, book and manage their appointment with you

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Remote Connection with People and Data

Team ManagementWhether large or small teams, management is no longer an issue, with iRadar Immigration you can do much more, automate workflow, regulate team responsibilities and improve your business results by our tools.

Contact ManagementAutomated contact management in real-time. Service providers can see the history of client’s activities and schedule appointments all for free.

24/7 Tracking features

  • Bring communication out of e-mails and phone texting.
  • Share files in real time, edit and build collective insights.
  • Manage contents.
  • Safe time and money from manual processes

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Build a community of similar services, collaborate, and enhance your common goals.

iRadar Immigration allows you to create a community of immigration service providers based on your unique goals. Together you can share data or make referrers whether at city level, national, regional or municipal levels. Getting people to work together is necessary for tracking progress and making actual changes in your space of influence.

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